Titsa Buses, Jolly Green But Not Always Giant

There was a momentous event at Los Cristianos bus station on Thursday as a crowd of dignitaries gathered, not just the fact they didn’t get their pockets picked but also the arrival of 2 new micro buses, ready to improve their excellent services. Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of Tenerife’s public bus service, I’ve got a bono ticket in my pocket and I’m not afraid to use it.

For the technically minded the 2 newcomers are 27 seaters and state of the art with all mod cons and of course zero emissions – except when I get on after a curry. One bus will see service on the 468 route that came in last year running a circular service linking Parque La Reina, Las Galletas and Palm Mar. Theses buses will now run more often and take in extra rural stops at Las Rosas, Guargacho, Orotianda, Guaza, El Fraile, Costa del Silencio and La Canada. The other bus is specially adapted for those with limited mobility and will run on the 110 direct route to Santa Cruz.

And talking of Santa Cruz, the 110 will now run on weekends and fiestas giving a speedy alternative to the 111 Santa cruz to Playa de las Americas. For full listings pick up a new booklet timetable, the old fold out map versions have been overtaken by subtle tweaks to timings on many routes. Otherwise you could check out the new improved website which gives you several ways to track your bus via your phone.

I mentioned the pick pocket plague before, plain clothes police at Los Cristianos have made a big impact, please still be careful, but on a trip up west on Friday I heard several reports oif our light fingered friends doing their Fagin impression around Los Gigantes. Happy travelling and Keep Em Peeled as Shaw Taylor (ask your Gran) would say.