Touchdown in Tenerife

So here I am back in Tenerife, a frantic last morning snapping a few more pics and pulling together more info about Lanzarote, and it was a slow trip to Gando airport via Arrecife. The bus station in Arrecife does some nice tapas, so that helped to send me on my way.


Once at the airport I had a little time to look around and although it’s a small 2 terminal airport, it has all you need, a bar/cafe, shop and a lounge. The check through with Islas Airways was fast, within 10 minutes of the gate opening, the plane was taking off. For the technical it was a Alenia ATR 42 that holds 72 passengers, it was less than half full both ways. No meal on such a short flight, 50 minutes but the stewardess did serve up a bag of peanuts each, glad it wasn’t a camp steward offering nuts.

Back in Tenerife North airport it was cloudy outside and I soon found out that the wind and the calima (dust blown in from Africa) had been bringing the temperature down while I was away. It was good to be back though and quick bus connections soon got me into Los Cristianos. Now it’s time to wade through the photos and do all the write ups, I have lots of fond memories of Lanzarote to reflect on.