Caretaker Can’t Clear The Cobwebs For CD Tenerife

Here’s an idea for the next coach of CD Tenerife, skewer the back four on a long pole and operate them from the side of the pitch like in bar football, it seems the only way to keep our defence in some sort of order. Last night’s 2-0 defeat at Xerez was full of the same old problems of poor marking and slack passing, plus all the players looked devoid of any confidence on the ball.

Caretaker caoch Alfredo Merino made changes bringing Kome (pic)Â and Mikel into midfield to hopefully add some steel and Natalio played a wider role on the right. There was an early penalty scare after a clumsy challenge by Sicilia in the box but the Xerez player made a meal of his fall and that probably put doubts in the refs mind and he ignored their pleas. Sergio Aragoneses mopped up a free kick cleanly but just 21 minutes in a right side cross from Redondo found Jose Mari who had a free header to make it 1-0.

Nino ran for goal when a lay off to Natalio might have been a better option, and he was floored by Mendoza just outside the area but the free kick was wasted. The second goal soon followed Cordero easily shrugged off three defenders and placed his shot past Sergio’s outstretched hand. There were few chances for CDT, a late effort was headed off the line but at the busier end another defensive lapse saw Xerez break through on the left, thankfully Sergio saved and the ball went over the bar. The Tenerife keeper came to the rescue again after a clash of heads saw the ball break free to a Xerez attacker just before the break.

The second half was worse, Tenerife hardly mustered a shot, Sergio ran out of his area to charge a Xerez player and picked up a yellow card and Omar and Iriome came on for Hidalgo and Natalio. The Tenerife players heads were so down it would have taken a lorry load of viagra to perk them up, the body language on the bench showed the depth of the current lack of confidence in the squad. Xerez were so cocky they tried a 40 yard chip late on that just cleared the goal, Mikel Alonso blocked a shot in front of goal and Nino picked up a yellow, his teams fifth of the night, as his exasperation showed.

The new permanent coach will have a huge job to do, CD Tenerife are in free fall, Cartegena at home next Sunday is going to be another tension packed game.