CD Tenerife Are Not Even Close To Winning

My Monday morning hangover was more entertaining and slightly less painfulĀ than this latest CD Tenerife defeat. At half time I spotted a moored oil rig trying to paddle away from Santa Cruz to avoid catching a glimpse of this gloom fest. Even the scoreboard broke down in disgust, and yes it really was that bad, not just losing 0-2 to a very average Real Oviedo side, but looking devoid of ideas, tactics, and even basic skills.

Coach Raul Agne seems to have lost the plot, his plan to start with just Alberto, Jorge, and Raul Camara as the defensive line was lame. Cristian Garcia is a liability at right back but looked no better pushed further forward. Spain under 17 prospect Jorge was totally lost trying to cover to his right and the only saving grace in the rearguard was Alberto. Dani Hernandez again looked unsure in goal and with Pedro Martin out injured, Choco Lozano was frustrated up front with just the ineffective Tommy Martinez supposedly helping him.

We are always hopeful in the Heliodoro, despite the bad run of form, another 8,781 crowd showed up willing and hoping to see something better but that faith was shot down after 8 minutes. Susaeta sent a cross over from our wide open right side and Linares dispatched the ball past the bewildered Dani. The home keeper did better with a later one on one against Linares. There was no fight in The Tenerife side, Choco Lozano was willing up front but got poor service, Suso blasted a long shot at the visiting keeper but with Vitolo and Aitor Sanz as midfield passengers it looked like being a grim evening.

Omar replaced Tommy Martinez at half time, although the young winger made some progress it was still a voice in the wilderness. Oviedo wont rank among the best sides to visit Santa Cruz this season but they did the basics well and grabbed their chances. The second goal came from a deep pass that caught the CDT defence ball watching as Borja helped himself to a free header. Could anything else go wrong? Of course it could, Raul Camara went off injured just after the goal to be relieved by Aurtenetxe. Nano, just back from injury took over from Jairo, it made little difference, Aitor Sanz managed to drag our hopes down a few more notches when he pulled a second booking and made for the changing room.

Choco had a late half chance from a Nano pass saved by the goalie, the whistle blew, and a collective sigh of desperation washed over the stadium. Coach Raul Agne looked suitably uncomfortable as the players left the field, he has reportedly been told he has one more game to breathe life into the squad. I think we know how this is going to end.



mike mullins
September 24th, 2015 9:44 am

i bet that Headline is going to come back and haunt you !!!!!

September 24th, 2015 12:28 pm

I very much hope so.