CD Tenerife Hit Form As They Secure Play Off Spot

As if we weren’t nervous enough TV Canarias decided to share CD Tenerife’s vital game at Marino Luanco with badly timed link ups with Vecindario’s relegation battle over in Pio land. The blanquiazuls turned on a Grandstand performance as they grabbed a 3-0 win to seal the promotion play off spot and their quick, slick attacking play left the tv coverage looking more like Acorn Antiques.

It was an edgy opening, Tenerife looked like they had come to nail the play off spot rather than tempt fate and leave it to next Sundays final home game. Sergio Aragoneses made a powerul two fisted save from a corner 2 minutes into the game and Kitoko had to make one of his trade mark interventions to rob Rivas in a menacing position. Tenerife settled, Kike Lopez got into a good position out wide but ran into defenders when Aridane was begging in front of goal. Raul Llorente sent in a fierce shot but home keeper Ponzo was able to push it wide. The opening goal was well crafted.Chechu cut inside a full back and lobbed a tempting ball up for Aridane to rise and head it into the home net. Fans had to squint to see the goal in a little box our game had been squeezed into while TV Canarias concentrated on Vecindario – thank goodness for replays.

Sergio leapt like a basketball player to palm away a high corner and at the other end Kike Lopez let the goalie off with a low, slow shot that he easily gathered. Jony was the danger man for Marino, Sergio Rodriguez went misssing and he charged down the wing, Sergio Aragoneses did enough to narrow the angle and his shot flashed across the goal and pinged to safety off the post. Just into the second half it was Jony again, heading over and then setting Castano up with a neat free kick that he fired over the goal. Tenerife had more class than their hosts, Chechu (below) was the provider again fooling 2 defenders and slipping the ball across to Perona to make it 2-0.

Zazo had been picked in midfield ahead of Marcos and had his big chance a few minutes later but was foiled by Ponzo in goal. Play broke to the other end and Sergio made another great save, this time low and near the post. Perona is back to the lethal goal scorer he was in the first half of the season, he pulled the defence wide and stroked the ball past the keeper to make the points safe at 3-0. Rounding off a solid team display Aridane nearly doubled his tally but Ponzo managed to block him. A well deserved win, looks like my scarf wont be getting its annual wash yet – bring on the play offs.