Sunday Roast Becomes A Dogs Dinner For CD Tenerife

How nice to have a 5pm kick off again. A leisurely Sunday lunch, a few cheeky beers with friends and a few hours soaking up the sun before some more Dorada. Only one thing spoilt it, a dreadful game that saw CD Tenerife slump 0-1 at home to Alcala.

Changes were always going to be made for this game as the group championship was in the bag and it is a good idea to give the less used players a game to sharpen them up in case needed in the play offs. Coach Alvaro Cervera went a bit too far and the team lacked shape, motivation, and hunger.

President Concepcion’s decision to charge season ticket holders for the play offs soured the mood and banners at both ends spelt out the anger while the opening 15 minutes was played out with no singing or chanting from the crowd. When the voices were unleashed it was to call for the President’s head but by then we could see this was not going to be a good day for football. It’s a good job Alcala needed the win to fight relegation, otherwise both sets of players could have set up camp in the middle of the park.

Tarantino at left back was a strange call, Alberto back in the centre of defence next to Rigo wasn’t convincing, and Fran Ochoa and Nico in midfield were hopeless and were hooked off at half time. Ayoze tried to lead the attacking line with valiant support from Cristo Martin but the service was woeful. The big spotlight was on back up goalie Roberto, he didn’t have too much to do in the first half but just before the break he was found wanting when a corner was headed in by Ivan Garcia. Roberto was at fault but his more experienced defenders have to take some blame as well.

Bruno and Loro came on for the second half, that was a bit better, only a bit, it was still painful to watch. Loro had the best chance of the game after Cristo fed the ball to him but Juancho did well in the visitors goal to deny him. Aridane had his sun bathing session on the bench interrupted as he replaced Rigo and Medina dropped back into the defence. Most of us had already written the game off when Ayoze broke through but couldn’t find any help. The final whistle was something of a relief, we won’t be seeing this game on the season highlights DVD.

Alberto got a late booking to earn his suspension next Sunday at Salamanca, let’s get that out of the way and then down to the real business of the play off games. The dream is still very much alive.