A Taste Of Winter As Tenerife Shines On

What is winter in Tenerife? It’s one of those days when a few dark clouds float around and I leave the beach for a bit of a wander. Las Galletas was calling with the promise of a coffee with the lovely Karen – who could refuse.

Streaming hot sunshine broke through as I headed down the hill into Los Cristianos, looking west to Roque del Conde it was all clear but further inland a few of the grey clouds huddled together to discuss events of the day. The big downpour the other weekend had certainly perked the flowers and plants up and topped up the reservoirs. The short bus trip to Las Galletas delivered me into a short passing shower, quite refreshing, the beach still had a scattering of people and the restaurants of Marina del Sur were busy as King Neptune stood guard with his shell guarding his modesty. I met Karen and we took a stroll out onto the marina walkway, the tide was low but plenty of boats were bobbing in the water.

Back along the promenade the bars were busy and onto the edge of the shopping area we found a nice spot for coffee in the full glare of the sun. Cutting through to Costa del Silencio the bathing statues made me laugh, I normally see them from the bus and poured scorn on Karen’s suggestion that they move around – too much strong cheese I thought. As we past by again the stoney faced bathers began their slow aquatic dance as water sloshed over the side of their pool, my chuckle muscles were in overdrive.

I grabbed a bus back to Los Cristianos with the late afternoon sun restored to its best and headed home, the newly planted poinsettias on my complex were a blaze of colour and a reminder that Christmas is racing in – aah mince pies in paradise, can’t beat it.