Barack Obama and a log for the White House fire

Leaving your mark on the ballot paper is one thing but U.S.A President elect Barack Obama seems to be taking things a little far. We know now that he “pissed all over” his rival John McCain but is there any need to go to these lengths?

Barack Obama

Don’t worry, I haven’t caught potty mouth syndrome from Brand and Ross, this is in fact a sort of honour for Barack. Each christmas the Catalans indulge in one of the more unusual traditions of “El Caganer” (the shitter) , a figure that appears in the nativity scene, sadly not here in Tenerife, Â answering the call of nature. Originally it was just a shepherd but over the years more and more celebrities have been lampooed in this way, including Spanish royalty. It signifies renewal of the soil and the continuing cycle of nature, so no smirking at the back.

Quick off the mark, a Girona based company has added Barack to this years new stars. The rising star of World politics is yours for just 14 euros plus postage from You may want to browse at the range of football stars and even vote for their caganer of the year, go on download one today !