Carrot And Stick In Tenerife Lockdown

Keys and bolts are not the literal consequences of the Coronavirus Lockdown but that didn´t persistent quarantine breakers from from getting a year, and six months in two extreme Tenerife cases in the last week. Helicopters and drones are spotting casual offernders enjoying illicit sun bathing on remote coasts, and arounnd apartment complex pools. By and large though here in Tenerife, people are living within the guidelines and life is ticking on with a few yawns and the odd frown or two.

It´s Day 30 as we start the third stretch of the restrictions, running up to 26 th April. Tough early controls have allowed some relaxing of restrictions from today, the biggest being a return of constuction worlk to boost the sagging economy. Spain´s President Pedro Sanchez, whose socialist PSOE paty hold sway in a fragile coalition government has already indicated that a further extension of lockdown is on the cards to 10th May – but there are strong hints of a relaxing of restrictions in that 15 day phase if death and infection rates continue to fall.The Canary Islamds government are pressing for more local leniency due to our encouraging figures and isolated distance from the mainland. That´s a long shot, the Baleares Islands could well use the same plea but Spain could see it as unsettling to a unified fight against the virus.

Here in Tenerife the first 30 dys have tested our resolve and brought out hidden depths of adaptability, responsibility, and new routines. Normality is now a cherished sight. The daily rubbish collections and the upkeep of public spaces, trimming hedgerows and palm trees all help to show we are looking ahead. The nightly 7pm clapping in support of the health workers are established as a tonic to the many who join in. Nature is paicking up the slack left by the absence of tourists, birdsong is loud and proud, the air is fresher, and the nights drawing out is also a great lift.

Some visitors are still waiting to return home. Swallows our mostly British, mature winter guests are hoping for flight updates. Jet2 upset at least two couples I spoke to who booked May flights but were then notified a few days later that flights and holiday packages will not restart until at least 17 June. Other nationalities are in a similar position, 372 Italians were repatriated in three planes a couple of days ago and more of an estimated 1,000 late waiters will follow shortly. Hopefully incoming visitors will start to trickle in from June but the summer tourist season will be a pale shadow of former years. Winter is the big focus as our climate gives us an edge over the summer destinations but its going to take time.

I can´t wait to get back out there to visit and publicise places, events, walks, and new adventures via my blog. Domestic chores will be cast aside in favour of swimming, exploring, and football. The latest disputed plans to resume the 2019-2020 Spanish season are looking at around 6 June with teams playing every 72 hours and four water breaks a game to counter the soaring summer temperatures and unrelenting schedule. Then a few weeks break and straight into the 2020-2021 season – with CD Tenerife promoted to the top flight? Well I can dream. Reality is much mor uncertain as money is always the sticking point in sport these days. Anyway, stay safe and keep positive.