Cheers For Local Brews In Tenerife

Much as I enjoy my Dorada, I do miss British style ales but a visit to the new Mercado Parque La Reina tweaked my taste buds with a stall full of bottled craft beers brewed mainly in Tenerife. It would have been rude not to try them so I took two samples home (2.50 euros each) for a mini tasting session.

I had heard about Tierra de Perros pale ale from a Los Realejos team, the name “land of dogs” refers to the Canary Islands name, it was based on the wild canines that roamed the islands rather than those chirpy yellow birds that Delia Smith likes. What a nice taste this one had, the dark amber 4.8 % went down a treat, a good session beer. I could see a crate of these launching me gently down a slippery slope until waking up in a skip with a traffic cone on my head – well we’ve all been there – haven’t we?

Even more impressive was a co-ordinated range from Chutney in La Laguna. They had three bottles all named after criminals, Albert Spagliarri chocolate stout was inspired by a famous French burglar, and Willie Sutton American Pale Ale was a tip of the glass to a light fingered American thief. I took home the Ronnie Biggs Brown Ale a 5.5 % bottle based on a classic London Brown ale an jolly nice it was too. Toasted caramel and chocolate made an appearance and even the head shared the pleasing colour.

There were other craft brews from further a field at the market stall. La Socarrada at 6% will draw me back to Parque La Reina at a later date. Brewed in Valencia it’s flavoured with rosemary, and rosemary honey, sounds good. Another reason to return is the 4.8 % El Boqueron, also from Valencia but made using sea water which apparently increases the purity and makes it pretty much hangover free. Mind you if you really wanted a hangover there was always the wine, Cava, and rice liquor on offer.

All this reminds me I must have another trip up to El Sauzal and the Tacoa German micro brewery and restaurant, that’s a real treat for the home sick beer fan but quite a way to wobble back home.

February 9th, 2016 2:15 pm

Hi, where is this supermarket?

February 10th, 2016 5:11 am

It’s an indoor market in Parque La Reina, a few miles (20 mins) outside Los Cristianos as you head for the airport. There is a Titsa public bus no 111 every 30 mins from the main resorts but a 10 min walk when you get off, it’s signposted.If there are a few of you a taxi may be an option, there will be a set price for Parque La Reina on the board at taxi ranks.

December 3rd, 2016 5:12 am

I think this market has sadly gone now