Life’s a breeze on the Atlantic

It’s a hard life, skipping over the waves on a hot clear day, just off the coast of Tenerife. Would you believe me if I told you it was work? Actually it was, but I can’t deny that it was an amazing pleasure too, getting first hand experience of Flirtz 2, the 74 foot motor yacht, soon to be available for hire from Tenerife Yacht Charters. My mission was to snap as many photos as possible of this 2 deck delight, and the 30 or so invited guests, ready for a new website from Sorted Sites.

Before setting off from its mooring at Puerto Colon, I was given a guided tour above and below decks, the en suite bedrooms downstairs are as big as my apartment and definately more luxurious, complete with big screen plasma tv, sound system, and even a jacuzzi. The main lounge and kitchen are also roomy, with a carpeted floor, and upstairs boasts a second bar, and barbecue.

Time to slip anchor (see all those years of watching Captain Pugwash tought me something) and we powered (Flirtz 2 can do 35 knots) out to sea, and soon met some passing dolphins and whales. There is some beautiful coast line around the south west of Tenerife, from La Caleta right up to Los Gigantes and beyond, and we saw it all from close quarters. A smaller motor boat we were carrying was despatched to bring back chicken,chips and Canarian potatoes to go with the rolls, and with the drinks chilling, it was pretty well perfect.

Passing Los Gigantes and the high cliffs that spawned its name, we moored up just off Masca, a small village popular with walkers due to its steep descent to the isolated beach. Time for fun and games, with a mix of water skiing, swimming and general sun worshipping. It was amazing to see goats grazing up on a small ledge half way up the cliffs, and the seagulls swooping low in the hope of scavenging any food.

With everyone suitably soaked and glowing, we set off for the return journey, the day heading into evening by now, but still very hot and sunny. Manouvering carefully into Puerto Colon harbour, we berthed and said our goodbyes before feeling solid land again. I could get used to this ocean going life, better start saving my cents up.