Scorching And Searching Way Up West

Multi tasking isn’t all it’s made out to be, I set out for the west coast of Tenerife with three missions in mind, to rediscover the coastal walk from Playa San Juan to Los Gigantes, grab some photos of the glowing red Flamboyant trees, and to see how much passion for CD Tenerife was being displayed in the form of flags flying high. It turned into a bit of a mixed bag but a very enjoyable and scorching hot day.

Playa San Juan was my start point, i’ve done the walk many times before but not for a while and anyway there are always a few new variations like the building work going on in an old finca ready for the impending Fonsalia port. The little break in the walk is usually a decision to scrmble down and up a small bank or detour but the builders temporary rails suggested the detour was the easist option. Good call that as Fonsalia is a delightful mini village and the church had some of my target flame trees in its small but shady plaza. Coming back out onto the coastal walk I noticed several small tents all zipped up and one more ambitious shack complete with a rock garden. Technically it’s illegal but as this area is being churned up by diggers and the canvas crew aren’t blocking any ones progress I’d say good luck to them.

By the time I reached Alcala a cold drink was in order down at the plaza before pushing on past the quay where I used to swim in my lunch break when The Western Sun office was nearby. I saw a few escapees from the all inclusive Sol Melia hotel, braving the outside world, to be fair the area around the hotel has been improved greatly since the hotel arrived but on this trip work on a revamp of Playa La Jaquita meant another blockage and a detour through the banana plantations.

It turned out to be a fortunate change as I found the Villa Perenquen secreted among the banana groves and as the big notice said welcome I rung the bell. Juan and his two friendly dogs ushered me into the courtyard and gave me the full tour of the six apartments made from farm house conversions. I was impressed, very well laid out with a chill out area, BBQ zone and all mod cons like TV and Wi Fi, a perfect rural retreat with great terraces to enjoy the sunsets.

Back at the coast I sweated my way on to El Varadero as the sun glistened off the rolling waves, the soft thin clouds cleared and I was glad of my water bottle. Heading up to the main road I walked beyond Playa de la Arena and down behind El Patio (another old drinking haunt of mine) to the Playa Santiago where a large bonfire had already been stacked high ready for the Night of San Juan when dancing on the beach leads to jumping small fires. After seeing loads of Spanish flags flying from balconies I finally spotted the first CD Tenerife flag – come on it’s our big week as well as Euro 2012. Part way around the harbour wall I asked some nice female tourists to pose with my CDT flag – one of several forced photo opportunities. The Crab Island rock pool was busy, famous for late night skinny dipping I always had too much respect for the strong currents to risk that one.

Whilst in Los Gigantes I looked up a few old friends and caught up on the latest news before grabbing a few more frantic flag shots and catching the bus down south for a few late evening Dorads – lovely.