The Arctic Circle Starts At Oxford

A polar bear wearing leg warmers and a balaclava pounded down the High Street, proof indeed that I was back in Oxford as it shivered in the grip of the coldest winter for years. After so many scares over my flights, snow closing UK airports and Air Traffic controllers closing Spanish airports, The Ryanair flight was not only bang on time but even shaved an hour off the flying time. As Birmingham appeared out of the plane window it looked like a giant iced cake with hedges and roads marking out decoration lines. Once in the airport I changed like a wimpy superhero into my multi layers of clothing and braved the rail station where they were gritting the platform, cold, very cold.

Arriving in Oxford I needed a pub to warm me up and found a pint of Rocking Rudolph started the process before I headed of to my Aunts house. This morning my Aunt and i headed out to Wantage on the bus to see my mum at the new care home, it’s nearly 20 miles out from Oxford and wide open horse racing country, needless to say it was even colder as the scenic pic shows. My mum recognised me in brief lucid patches but was at least warm and well fed, her new Zimmer frame looked good so I tried it, very good, I need one of them for those heavy Dorada nights.

Back in Oxford I was able to visit a few old haunts and snapped a few shots to show the extent of the white blanket, even the canal had frozen, I just hope their wasn’t anyone under that hat! Oxford Prison, now an up market hotel and shopping area was worth a visit as they had a winters fair. Among the stalls selling mulled wine and other European delicacies I found a Churros stall and had a nice chat with the young lady on duty, I told her how much I admired her equipment. Off for a few evening beers now, purely for the warmth of the pubs of course. I’m going outside and I may be some time.