Gabba Gabba Hey, Pornosurf Pay Tribute To The Ramones

Maybe too much sun has toughened my skin, I just couldn’t get the safety pins through my nipples, and my attempts to rip open the knees of my jeans didn’t work so I went in plain clothes to see local band Pornosurf play their tribute to New York punk legends The Ramones at the Underground rock pub in El Medano.

The General drove us down there, don’t think I have been to El Medano at night before, I was impressed by the twinkling lights inset in the road at the pedestrian crossing it was something I hadn’t seen before in Tenerife. It was pretty busy around the main plaza, most bars had a decent crowd outside and the strong winds that make this a kite surfers heaven were having a night off. The Underground pub was easy to find, just off the plaza to the left as you face the sea, it was just after 10.30 and not very busy, a good indication that the 11 pm start for the gig was a very loose guide. Bottled Doradas were 2 euros and with Nirvana and Motorhead belting out from the speakers we were happy to wait. The bar is a long tube shape, hence the name, and as more people poured in I spotted a good range of rockers and rock chicks in their 20’s and 30’s.

A polite 40 minutes late Pornosurf took to the performance area at one end of the bar and launched into a high octane journey through the best of the Ramones, it was good to hear Rock and Roll High School early on. Projected on the back wall was a pic of Joey Ramone the lead singer who died 10 years ago from lymphoma, a type of cancer, all three main ramones Johny, Joey and Dee Dee are now dead. A few years ago Marky Ramone played a gig in Santa Cruz but he was pretty much a fringe member of the band. Talking of fringes, there were several Ramone floppy fringes on show in the audience and even a small mohican.

The tight confines of the bar made it quite hot, Pornosurf were matching the fans in Dorada demolition and they certainly earned it with their full on style and the briefest of gaps between songs. The toilets are just to the side of the bands area so the tide of music lovers lapped quite close to the speakers and guitars, I took the opportunity to grab some photos from the side as I returned from syphoning off some excess beer, my ear was close to one of the speakers and took the full decibels of Cretin Hop. Pornosurf are a good band and clearly have a loyal following and The Ramones were always a favourite of mine so it was a winning combination. Highlight of the night for me was a rip roaring trip down memory lane with Rockaway Beach, a track that used to get played liberally at my old sixth form discos oh so many years ago.

It’s always good to see live music and there is quite a healthy local band scene in Tenerife, Pornosurf were a top band in a top venue, I feel I may be paying a return visit to the Underground.