A chump at Oxford

Well the sun has got his hat on here in Oxford but it’s still cold, so cold you could grate cheese on my scrotum.

Cock and CamelÂ

Things have changed a bit but thankfully lots of the old pubs are still burning brightly. This is my first winter trip since the new smoking laws and it is weird to see people freezing outside bars grabbing a crafty fag. There are more American style coffee shops than ever and despite having those hard cold metal seats outside, people are sitting in them to have a drag with their coffee. If they haven’t got piles yet, they soon will have.

Christmas decorations are very minimal here, mainly because the council is broke after wasting money on silly causes and their never ending attempt to redesign the city centre. Maybe i will get some paper chain packs and make some stuff fot them – for a big fat consultancy fee of course.

The GooseÂ

Oh well must go, the pubs call, 3 pounds a pint but at least the real ale is looking good, and lots of stronger winter warmer brews. Talk soon.