Catwalk Cream Makes Los Cristianos Purr

Not a string vest or knotted hanky in sight just young enthusiastic local models and a selection of clothes and accessories from shops close to the catwalk. Plaza del Pescadora looked Absolutely Fabulous as fashion took centre stage at Los Cristianos old beach last night with two shows.

On the way down I passed children sitting for face painting at one stall and free make overs outside the Mego perfume store, luckily for them I didn’t set them the ultimate challenge. Arriving at the stage area Mickey and Minnie Mouse were parading and entertaining the crowd of families and holiday makers. I was surprised to see security staff at each end of the catwalk, maybe Minnie Mouse had heard that Ryan Giggs was on the prowl.

The shows were organised by the local business association to boost trade, an excellent idea, just a pity it was only advertised in the immediate area. Once the cartoon heroes had departed the compare took the microphone and invited the first models to hit the catwalk from their impromptu back stage dressing rooms. Each group of models showcased the stock of a different shop, many were for youth fashion but there was also emphasis on glasses, shoes and bags. For some strange reason my photos have captured mainly the ladies but there were some male models too. All were volunteers from local schools and colleges, fair play to the young chaps for running the gauntlet of their teenage friends in the crowd.

There was a section for toddlers that was packed with the aaah factor. The first boy and girl were quite happy and revelled in the attention but the next couple had a difference of outlook. The little girl was ready to stride out and milk the crowd but the boy got an attack of shyness and was rooted to the spot fighting back the tears. After a lot of coaxing, cheering, steering, and almost dragging by the much keener girl he did take a bow, the applause was warm and very loud.

After starting as a clear sunny day the clouds had appeared for the 6.30 pm first show but the spotlights were all rigged, the sound system ensured music and commentary for all and the video wall turned the models into giants and made sure everyone knew where they could buy the fashion items.

A well presented show with some very plucky models but a bigger crowd would have enjoyed it if the advertising had been aimed further afield and in a range of languages. There are two more parades tonight (Saturday) at 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm, try to catch them. You can see more photos here.