Clash of the Titans reels in 2.5M for Tenerife

There’s not a spare sandal or bedsheet to be had in Tenerife, as we gear up for the Gods to descend. Clash of the Titans is being remade in Tenerife and 100 extras were recruited at the Sheraton La Caleta Hotel last week, all part of a 2.5 million euro windfall for the island.


A 350 strong Warner Bros production team will be here from May 15 to June 3 , and their accomodation, transport and maintenance will help to swell the island coffers. Sets are taking shape just a short spear throw from the Mount Teide cable car at Montaña Mostaza, soon lead players Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes and the rest of the cast will be busy there and at coastal areas of Icod, Buenavista del Norte, and Guia de Isora.

It’s a good chance for Tenerife to cash in on the commercial spin offs. The lookie lookie men are going to sell genuine Greek sundial watches and Mount Olympus cameras, cafes will serve burgers and chips cooked in ancient Greece, and other establishments that I have only heard of and never been to-honest-are to offer lap of the Gods dancing.