Kings crown Tenerife festive season

3 kingsThe christmas season is playing out its final act with Reyes (Kings Day) today across Spain. Last night the 3 kings, Balthasar, Gaspar and Melchor rode into many towns on their camels, spraying handfuls of sweets to the crowds and then taking their places on their thrones to hand out presents to eager young children. Reyes marks epiphany or the arrival of the 3 kings at the stable with presents for the baby Jesus.

There was a slight chnge to routine here in Los Cristianos, the kings arrived at the ferry port and made their way in a large procession of dancers and musicians to the church plaza this year, rather than outside the cultural centre. It was the usual good natured scrum down, before the present giving started, but a real delight to watch. Up north in Santa Cruz, the credit crunch meant the kings didn’t arrive by helicopter but were driven into the CD Tenerife football stadium by the local fire men, and even the northern rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 22,000 crowd. Tickets were just a one euro charity donation with proceeds split between several local charities.

Today was very much a family day as children opened their presents and most people tucked into a roscon, the traditional reyes cake. A yummy dough based treat in the shape of a large ring, its is stuffed with cream and sweet decorations and usually contains a few surprise gifts baked in the dough, one a lucky charm and another, a dried nut shell or something similar which means you have to pay for the cake. I wolfed down a chunk earlier, and very nice it was-cant wait for next year.