Powering Down The Towers In Las Caletillas

Braced for a posible battering from winds of up to 80 kms per hour, the two 76 metre high towers on the Central Termica power station in Las Calletillas got a short reprieve to their cropping. A later stroll down to the beachesĀ  heading towards Candelaria showed a mere 22 km per hour wind posted by the days lifeguard.

The bell was still tolling though for the towers, and workmen were preparing the top of one chimney for its surgery to alter the impact of the 1961 built power station. It must have been an impressive view from the top, christmas trees at ground level made a cheery contrast with the building but the suspense must have been towering as the decision to clip the towers was made in 2001 when they ended their useful life.

Gradual progress is the feel for this outpost, Playa Cho Victor leads along the coast before joining with several modern bathing areas that are awaiting a further upgrade soon. The Hotel Cataluna has recently added new swimming pools and padel courts across the road from the main building – hopefullthe wider community will also be able to use them at times. In the meantime we can still enjoy the view of the towers on the steady chug up the steep corner that delivers the bright modern face of Santa Cruz.