Tenerife Magazine – a real live wire

Do we have friends in low places or what? Barely a few days after  www.tenerifemagazine.com becoming Tenerife’s first online magazine, the Tenerife government announced they will lay a new telecomunications cable on the seabed between Tenerife and the Spanish mainland. This work, costing 68 million euros, will start this November, and we are promised it will herald faster and cheaper communication with the outside world.

Yes, this new fangled internet thing looks like being the way forward, I may even have to join the modern world myself and ditch my 8 track cartridges and Betamax video player. And so it came to pass that a group of Tenerife writers decided to pool their expertise, and with the technical nursing of Sorted Sites , who are pretty damm knowledgeable about social media, set up Tenerife’s first online magazine. The aim is to deliver fresh, crisp, original articles about life on this wonderful rock, and we have a strong team. Joe Cawley has written for just about every major UK national newspaper and penned the book “More Ketchup Than Salsa”. Julie Hume is a must read blogger on ETenerife.com, Jack and Andrea Montgomery wrote “Going Native In Tenerife” and Real Tenerife Island Drives“ and there is also a blonde, football loving beach bum that you may know.

Unshackled by print deadlines, we will be constantly updating the site and you can get invloved through our Facebook group, Twitter and Flickr. Joining the Facebook group will allow us to nudge you when new articles are added, and ensure you don’t miss out on our competitions, the first is to win a fabulous weeks holiday in Lanzarote at Sands Beach Resort Hotel - I had a week there just over a year ago and have been singing it’s praises ever since. This does of course mean I will be lurking even more around Tenerife chasing interesting stories, but as i enjoy exploring, it will be a continued pleasure.