Bar Cafe Auditorio At The Heart Of Los Cristianos

Like the return of an old friend, Bar Cafe Auditorio has re-opened with great value, friendly service, and plenty of choices. You couldn´t be more central in Los Cristianos than the main crossroads on Avenida de Juan Carlos, just below the bus station. As I tucked into my delicious chicken, rice, and chips, the evening sun half covered the large terrace, it was like having a front row seat to watch the world go by.

Chicken was one of the daily choices on the menu, other delights like lamb or pork with Canarian potatoes were sure to tempt me back, especially at a mere 8 euros for a first and second course with bread, a drink, and dessert. There was a range of salads too, including a big special with fruit, nuts, and toasted bread, just 7 euros. Or how about a nice healthy op up of Croquetas with a pasta salad, goes down a treat on a hot afternoon.



I know I´m not alone in missing the relaxed setting, Guaza Mountain looks down on one side, Roque del Conde stands taller straight ahead, and the park behind wraps its green embrace around the 800 seat Auditorio Infanta Leonor theatre, and the attached cultural centre. Here´s a little history lesson. The theatre was added to the main building in 2011 and is named after King Felipe’s & Queen Letizia´s first born, Princess Leonor of Spain. There´s a small lounge area inside that can be served from the bar, many people have missed that option on show nights. Arona council runs free buses to many local fiestas, and a weekend free service to the Farmers Market in Valle San Lorenzo, the pick up point is handy just outside the cafe.

Back to the main stage for eating, Sunday paella will be a great way to try some local culture, on the evening I called by there was a mix of Spanish and British customers, with menus in both languages. Snacks are well covered, sandwiches, croissants, burgers, and chips, and tapas such as prawns or mushrooms. With the bus station or concert intervals tapping at your watch, a quick coffee or Amstel draught beer might be just the ticket, but a more leisurely sip in the sun can always be enjoyed with one of the days newspapers from the bar. Open daily from 8 am to 11 pm, it´s always a good time to call by.