Whales And Dolphins Greet Travelin Lady

Barely 20 minutes out of Los Cristianos harbour, pilot whales and dolphins converged on the Travelin Lady boat to show why Tenerife is the perfect place to watch these graceful and enchanting creatures. It’s a labour of love for the three strong crew and up to 80 passengers, and has been since they started trips in 1991.

A hot, clear day was unfolding for the 11 am two hour voyage, the sea was rippling gently and a pleasant breeze wafted through the two deck boat. One of the smallest of the local fleet to unlock the wonders of the Canary Island coast, Travelin Lady had an informal and friendly atmosphere as we headed out to sea. Ferries were rushing away to the neighbouring island of La Gomera but our pace was more leisurely and was rewarded when the crew spotted a mix of pilot whales and dolphins just ahead.

Slowing to a patient amble, our new friends hardly seemed to notice us. That’s partly down to the quieter new engine, one of several voluntary measures to comply with a code of conduct that is officially certified by the yellow flag. A third of all the worlds species of cetaceans either live in or pass through the waters of the Canary Islands, that brings a big responsibility, Travellin Lady has an enclosed propeller for extra protection. It’s good to know that care extends to the passengers, signs in English and Spanish explained safety procedures and pointed out life raft and jacket spots. A small bar ensured that drinks and snacks could be bought to answer the effect of the warm, salty breeze.

With cameras and videos filled with special moments, it was time to cut back nearer the shoreline at the base of the 428 metre high Guaza Mountain, a protected area of natural beauty. The basalt stacks of the cliffs are home to countless seagulls and rarer birds, and the erosion of the ocean has carved a series of inlets and deep caves. The curious sight of the fish farm cages showed a modern side to the fishing industry that has provided for the local people for many generations.

Working back around the coast, we headed past the harbour and out beyond the modern man made Las Vistas beach. The sparkling water and yellow sand were further reminders of the attractions of Tenerife. On the 1 and 3 pm sailing, the boat moors up for passengers to take a cooling swim before returning to the port. It was a very enjoyable trip with a well informed crew, Tenerife has many wonders but a voyage on the sea adds a whole new understanding to the rich harvest of life that call the island home.

Travellin Lady heads out to sea every day at 11am, and 1 and 3pm from the small quayside on the old Los Cristianos beach. The basic adult price is 25 euros, childrens prices depend on age, and ask about the VIP options. For more information, or to book right up to departure time, visit the first kiosk to the right of the beach. You can also visit the website.  Here is the full gallery of my photos from the trip.