Alonso is laps ahead of CD Tenerife strikers

Another frustrating away defeat for CD Tenerife, this time by 2-1 at Espanyol, and once again they came up short in key positions. Just to really wind me up, a few of the stupid short sighted local Canarian bars only realised at the last minute that they couldn’t get the pay per view game, one even had it advertised and then tried to argue that it was on an hour later, mainland time, don’t they even know their own time differences?

Good job myself and the other 3 Brits could rely on the Royal Oak 2 just down from CD Marinos ground in Las Americas, a speedy drive and we got to the Armada Sur watering hole with 20 minutes gone and the score at 1-1.

Uruguayan Ivan Alonso hit a great strike after 11 minutes to put the home side ahead and Alfaro got his first of the season for CDTÂ 3 minutes later, a rasping long range shot that nearly tore the net open. Tenerife were getting as good as they got but the defence was its usual jittery self, Pablo Sicila struggling out of position at right back. Sergio Aragoneses was immense in goal and made a world class double save, tipping the ball up with an outstretched hand and then twisting back in the opposite direction to firmly claim it as it threatened to spin over the goal line. Kome (pic) was making his usual incisive runs but sadly there was noone on the end to take advantage.

Nino was again looking lost up front, short on pace and confidence and even Alfaro failed to be ignited by his great goal, firing wide just into the second half. Espanyol grew stronger with Alonso looking a class act, Marques skinned Sicilia and crossed the ball to Alonso, and with Luna to slow to intercept, he fired Espanyol ahead. Tenerife tried to add extra spice to the forward line with the introduction of Saizar and Dinei, Nino had a late chance to tie the game but even a barrage balloon wouldn’t have been enough to help him score. The search for the first away point continues.