Felicity wins battle of Brits at Tenerife Ladies Open

England beat Wales and Aston Villa beat Everton as Felicity Johnson from Halesowen near Birmingham beat Becky Brewerton from St Asaph near Rhyl and it was every bit as thrilling as their favourite football teams could have served up.

Golf Costa Adeje was shimmering in the heat as the Tenerife Ladies Open 2009 entered the last day, I threaded my way through the course to find the leaders on the 12th hole and followed the dueling golfers, and Germanys Bettina Hauert through to the climax. There was a fair crowd following them and plenty of support staff with great jobs like holding up the “be quiet” signs or wetting the towels in a bucket to soothe the players. I restrained myself well and resisted the temptation to fart or have a coughing fit at a key moment.

I kept thinking about when I was younger (so much younger than today) and used to go scrumping golf balls up the local course near my parents, then I would sell them to other golfers, the balls that is not my parents. There are houses alongside parts of Golf Costa Adeje, and some people were watching from their gardens, well it beats the Eastenders omnibus.Â

Anyway back in the modern world, it was close between the 2 Brits but Felicity proved stronger and won it at the 18th hole, finishing 14 under par, 2 shots ahead. That was the signal for wild celebrations as her friends rushed onto the green and sprayed her with champagne, maybe it should have been Brew Eleven or Banks’s Bitter to fit her Birmingham roots.

Apparently young Felicity is out on the town with her friends tonight, so don’t take any liberites with them or you may get a nine iron wrapped around your head, wonder if they will end up at Mystique, that’s a swingers club.  I must say as a non golf player, I did enjoy the 2 days action I saw and it must have been great publicity for Tenerife on Sky and Eurosport.