Leaping in Where Golf Angels Tread At Tenerife Ladies Open

Most people would arrive at a major media event via the front entrance, I made my bow at the Tenerife Ladies Open golf at Buenavista, by clambering over a wall. It wasn’t some sort of statement of sporting anarchy just some locals having a chuckle as they gave me dodgy directions to the course. I got the early TITSA bus up to Icod de los Vinos and then the 30 minute link bus to Buenavista along the glorious low road route through Garachico. A hot sunny day was brewing and the frothy sea was a bathers delight at the large piscina and the numerous rock pools.

Arriving at Buenavista, my first visit, the Teno mountain range was as majestic as promised and I walked through the town soon realising the course was some way away. That’s when I sought  guidance from some old chaps chewing the fat in the plaza, they kept staight faces as they directed me down a small road that soon became a dirt track and then skirted around the cliffs. I could see the course but it still needed an uphill route march to get to the coastal path that runs beside the 17th hole, at that point I scrambled over and tried to look dignified.

The course is a real selling point for Tenerife, stunningly beautiful and spread outbelow the clear sky and clear deep rich blue ocean that laps at the lower edge. some 120 countries are expected to take at least highlights of the four days of action, what a wonderful living brochure they will see. The ladies had started out early so I set about stalking a few of the groups, the ladies game has the advantage of being a great shopwindow for clothes brands and they all looked cool and stylish as they toiled in the hot sun. I checked in at the clubhouse press centre and found it to be surprisingly quiet but it will build as the tournament does the same.

After the first days play the good news is we have a sporting English star in the lead, defending the honour of Derbyshire Melissa is one of  the favourites for the title, time will tell,

  • 1st Melissa Reid (England)                            6 under par   66 shots
  • 2nd Ursula Wikstrom (Finland)                   6 under par    66 shots
  • 3rd Virgine Lagoutte-Clement (France)  6 under par    66 shots