Clip Clop Crocs on the rock

Well it could be worse, could be crabs on the rocks! I just wondered, have Crocs taken over in the UK, they are everywhere out here in Tenerife. I realise that the footwear of choice in the UK this summer has been wellies but even on the few dry days, the brightly coloured sandal like sensations must have made an appearance?

It seems everyone, young and old, male and female and all nationalities are wearing them here. They look like sandals but feel like polystyrene (no not the lead singer of punk band X Ray Spex) and just wash under a tap. Most of all though, you will hear them clip clop before they arrive, like the crocodile stalking Captain Hook.

I was hoping to do a nice story about them, hoping that they had been invented by an old cobbler, penny less and down on his luck, who had become an instant millionaire. Alas not, they come from a big corporation in Colorado, America, so some corporate cobbler now has new stock options.

Anyway, it just goes to show that I do take an interest in fashion, maybe I should research ladies thongs on the beach!Â