Rain – whats that?

At the risk of being lynched by readers in the UK, can I say how badly we need some rain here in Tenerife. Someone reported a U.F.O the other day, but turned out it was just a cloud.

Latest government figures suggest that the 23 resevoirs on the island are on average, just 30 per cent full and there is only enough water to meet demands until November. Strangely the lowest and highest levels are in the same municipality, Granadilla, San Isidro is at 64 per cent full and El Saltadero is a mere 10 per cent full.

It’s not only the hot weather that has drained the water but also the recent fires that ravaged the north west of the island, vast loads of water were used to dowse the flames.

It all takes me back to the UK drought of 1976, yes they did have summers then. One of the water saving suggestions was to share a bath, mmmmmmmmm sounds good, now all I have to do is convince some poor lady that it really is for the good of the Tenerife environment.