Making Tracks High Above Vilaflor

A few weeks earlier, the threat of wild fires wafted over Vilaflor. Now a short two week hop away from christmas, all was serene and beautiful with a gentle breeze wafting through the air, making my senses tingle with pleasure. Mount Teide had shaken off a recent dusting of snow, and the surrounding fields of vines had begun to give up this years bounty of wine.

Stomping up the steep service road from the top of the village, between the Hotel Spa Vilalba and the football ground, it soon opened out into a wide trail with views down over the tree tops. Sticking to the right is the key when faced with the early choice of directions, and it led past an old white pumping station. From there it was over a well worn path that rose gently to a stunning vista as a carpet of green tree tops swayed gently.

This is a popular route and the paths are well defined even as the odd bit of natures debris intervenes. The descent from the sheer drop over the pine valley winds slowly through shade, even the trunks of the trees have a story to tell. Previous fires have left scorch marks, but nature is resilient and fresh growths were bursting forth.

One of the trickiest sections is the lower descent weaving betwwen trunks over a surface of fine dry needles, but there is no hurry and the updated pumping plant where the open reservoir once sparkled is still the point to aim at. Catching our breath and soaking up the restful surroundings was preparation for the steep trail that winds up and around to the lower end of Vilaflor village.

Even on a perfect weather day, the walk was fairly quiet, we passed a few other walkers but there was always a calm serenity about the setting. Even the yomp back up the main road to our entry point via a local watering hole, was a pleasure with such sights ahead of us.