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Clip Clop Crocs on the rock

Well it could be worse, could be crabs on the rocks! I just wondered, have Crocs taken over in the UK, they are everywhere out here in Tenerife. I realise that the footwear of choice in the UK this summer has been wellies but even on the few dry days, the brightly coloured sandal like sensations must have made an appearance?

It seems everyone, young and old, male and female and all nationalities are wearing them here. They look like sandals but feel like polystyrene (no not the lead singer of punk band X Ray Spex) and just wash under a tap. Most of all though, you will hear them clip clop before they arrive, like the crocodile stalking Captain Hook.

I was hoping to do a nice story about them, hoping that they had been invented by an old cobbler, penny less and down on his luck, who had become an instant millionaire. Alas not, they come from a big corporation in Colorado, America, so some corporate cobbler now has new stock options.

Anyway, it just goes to show that I do take an interest in fashion, maybe I should research ladies thongs on the beach!Â

Turning water into wine

It has to be a drinkers dream, free alcohol on tap, but it’s come true in the island of La Palma. In Fuencaliente they now have a fountain that spurts out free wine, please form an orderly queue.

The free flowing fountain is in the San Antonio plaza, near the church, and is a tribute to the islands wine making tradition. One if the big local wine producers has it’s headquarters nearby and donated 3,000 litres of fine wine. Before you rush over with a bucket, the fountain will only pour plonk at special times of celebration.

It may be a little early for christmas but, for what it’s worth, top of my list this year is a Dorada beer fountain.

Take 3 trophies into the shower? that’s CDT

Still a week to go until the Spanish football league starts and CD Tenerife have added 3 trophies, well friendly ones, and signed another forward.

On Sunday 12 August a 2-2 draw at La Orotava with Sevilla Athletic, saw them pick up the Teide Trophy 4-1Â on penalties. Good to see Icod boy Ruben Rosquete score and another young gun Omar get the second.

On to Tuesday at La Laguna and a 0-0 draw with Valladolid followed by another penalty win for the Puma Trophy. Enter another forward signing with Nino finally joining from Levante but not in time for the Hermano Pedro Trophy at Raqui San Isidro last night, 15th August.

A nice 3-2 win and again the young local players grabbing the headlines. Suso equalised an early San Isidro goal and by half time Rosquete and Sicilia had made it 3-1. The home team pulled one back late on but Tenerife got their hands on some more silver ware. Things are shaping up nicely.

Uphill work for Teide Trophy

It may look like something that has been sent in to Vision On (ask your parents) but the Teide Trophy is well worth winning and could be the first honour of the football season for CD Tenerife.

Last night the mighty Blanquiazul won through their semi final on penalties after a 1-1 draw with Universidad Las Palmas in La Orotava. Earlier in the day the 2 newest playing recruits signed in, Antonio Longas a midfielder from Zaragoza and at last a forward, Mikel Arruabarrena from Xerez.

Anyway back to the action. A typically boring friendly first half for 0-0 at the break then a Tenerife lead after 66 minutes via a penalty from Ayoze. Universidad levelled after 77 minutes, the first goal conceeded in 347 minutes of friendly pre season action. Penalties loomed with 5 each, Raul Navas saved Las Palmas 3rd and Tenerife hit the target with all theirs from Martinez, Iriome, Perez, Hormiga and the winner from Ayoze.

So it’s back to La Orotava on Sunday evening for the final against the winner of UD Las Palmas (the Pios) versus Sevilla Athletic. Vamos Tenerife, oh and please can we have another new forward (looks like Nino from Levante) and we can really start to be confident about the new season in 2 weeks time.

Oh to be a pilgrim

Is there no end to the wonders of Tenerife? Candelaria in the north, 15 km below Santa Cruz, was my port of call today, my first ever visit, and it was windswept and wonderful. The Basilica plaza was being prepared for the big pilgrimage on Wednesday August 15, to worship the statue of the virgin, found by the Guanches, the original island natives, in 1392. Thousands will walk for days from all over the island to pay homage.

Me? I came by bus. Firstly I visited the modern coastal resort of La Calitillas, with it’s large rock pools providing a safe bathing haven from the choppy sea. A short walk past secluded coves, and I was in Candelaria, fighting against the wind (too much tapas) and exploring the small sheltered beaches.

The main plaza is a site to behold, as the 9 Guanche kings look down with their backs to the sea. The church itself is equally impressive and a fitting home for the statue throughout the year. Just hope the wind drops a little before the 15th, it will be a special day for the island.