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Kiteboards, Catwalks, Beer And Pancakes In El Medano

Did you ever try to make a kite from brown paper and sticks or try one of those brittle Texaco Flyers that petrol stations were knocking out? Things have soared to another level now and kiteboarding is a top sport combining kites and small surf boards that allow riders to defy gravity, just add wind for action.

Sadly on Tuesday morning the start of the PKRA Masters and Spanish Championship in El Medano was delayed to mid afternoon as the wind was wheezing like a long term smoker. I pitched up and the wind perked up, a familiar tale, it was still hardly wild but I got some pics and interviews for Tenerife Magazine. The numbers were down on those originally announced, for 150 try 20 riders, but it was good fun and I managed not to get tied up in the kite strings.

Roll on to Thursday and I was back for another look, this time the wind was growling, down at the beach it was like being sand blasted by Mother Nature. Nice to see some of the female riders, Spains Cristina Resinas and Angela Peral definately added some glamour to proceedings. The Reina beer promotion girls also put the wind in my sails and with a beer stall on hand it was a great way to spend an afternoon. At one point I adjourned to the nearby cafe El Mosquito for a cold drink and repite from the wind, there were beer crates stacked in the gents, sadly empties otherwise I might have settled in for a few hours. I splashed some water on my face as it was caked in sand and dust but I didn’t check the mirror, it was only later I realised I had only made slight inroads into natures face pack and now had a bizarre streaky look.

Back on the beach the riders were packing away for the day, it finishes on Saturday, there was much tugging on strings and fighting to save the advertsing hoardings as several keen riders popped a few more tricks out on the water. I sunk into a sweet creamy pancake at La Boheme and then hung around at the main beach for the Moda Al Aire fashion show, the catwalk had been set up on the edge of the busy beach and a crowd was gathering. Bang on time at 6pm the speakers burst into life with some snappy dance tunes as three young ladies took to the stage and gyrated their bodies. They only seemed to have 3 songs that kept repeating, one seemed to be called I Like Dance but the more I listened the more it became I Like Darts maybe its a new clubbing trend. A couple of local girls were up and boogieing in front of the stage and to everyones amusement they were joined by a local drunk nutter busting some moves. The unexpected dance star used the dad at a wedding technique and only just avoided falling over the sound system lead, full marks though for artistic interpretation.

After 40 minutes of the music and dance the 20 young local models were still waiting in the wings and I had to scoot to get the 483 quick Titsa back to Los Cristianos. The fashion shows are on for 3 evenings and should help to boost trade at the shops supplying the clothes. From the dancing and music that I witnessed I can definately say it’s much better than Punch and Judy.