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Unto Arona A Child Is Born, Auditorio Infanta Leonor Opens Its Doors

With a slap of a hand, or the cut of a ribbon, the new Los Cristianos auditorium will make its debut on the musical stage tonight. Auditorio Infanta Leonor is the new pride of Arona and will provide a great new venue in the south of Tenerife for music and performance. Infant Leonor is the 5 year old daughter of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain and judging by the huge speakers being put in place outside today she will arrive in good voice.

The new centre is at the back of the cultural centre in the heart of Los Cristianos and was a scene of frantic activity today as last minute preperations were made for the 8pm civic opening. The gruas were moving parked cars from the nearby area, the concourse was being swept and the water features turned on so they could trickle through the rock gardens. There is a large statue, donated by the Valdes family, waiting to be unveiled tonight, it’s sculpted by Fernando Mena who made Cetaceos, the popular whale tail display down by the front on the old beach of Los Cristianos. when I went by earlier the cover was off and a workman was polishing what looks like a huge shark tooth. A large lighting and sound rig will ensure that the overflow from tonights opening concert can be heard probably as far away as La Gomera.

Among tonights artisitic delights are the Trio Candelaria, comprising of soprano, guitar and piano, and the Tenerife Ballet. There is a stage with open air seating area upstairs in the cultural centre but it is very small and the lack of cover leaves it at the mercy of the elements, the new arrival should attract many more cultural gems to this busy tourist area. Once I get a calendar of forthcoming events I will be shouting them from the rooftops.