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Poor finishing, Poor Referee, Poor Old CD Tenerife

Lack of consistency is one of the most annoying traits in a referee, Molero Lopez gave a penalty against CD Tenerife for a dubious hand ball and ignored a stronger claim in their favour in the dying moments of this 2-1 defeat at Numancia. When the anger has subsided it’s difficult to ignore the fact that Tenerife’s shooting in front of goal was woeful and a third straight defeat has left us in deep relegation danger.

Natalio was preferred in a supporting strike role to the large and lumbering Igor and he fired wide in the opening minutes. Early play was scrappy but the ref made his presence felt, after 14 minutes Kitoko was called for a harmless tackle and although Sergio fussed over the placing of the defensive wall Bakero’s free kick curled between them and into the net for an early lead. Neither side was shining but Tenerife got a lucky break when Nagore under no real pressure headed into his own net when trying to nod a cross over his goalie’s crossbar.Nino had looked quiet in the first half but a few minutes after the break he forced La Fuente to tip the ball away for a corner.

Igor had come on just after half time and gave Tenerife a target to aim for but it was the home side that grabbed a goal. Cedric broke down the left and put a cross in from the byline, Kitoko had no chance to pull his hand away before it hit him and the ref pointed straight to the penalty spot, Bakero sent Sergio the wrong way and restored the home lead. The rest of the game was dominated by Tenerife but it’s all about goals and their finishing let them down time and again. Natalio was the main culprit although he was unlucky to see his acute angle shot nutmeg the keeper but ping back out off the post, his next effort was skied over the bar after Igor had chested the ball down for him.

Omar still hasn’t scored a goal for Tenerife and should have broken his duck after turning in the box and screwing his shot wide. Sergio had already made 2 strong saves at the other end but after spilling a catch he went to reclaim the ball and took a stud in the head from an incoming Numancia player who was making a legitimate challenge. The gash just above the eye was a mess and he will have a nasty scar as a reminder of his day out on the mainland. That challenge didn’t hurt half as much as the referees final act in stoppage time, a through ball was heading for well placed Nino in the penalty area when former Tenerife defender Culebras deflected it with his hand, a clear spot kick but the ref didn’t want to know and blew for time soon after. Even after the game things got worse, Las Palmas won 2-0 at home and jumped over CDT in the relegation zone. Tough times indeed.