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In Tenerife Everything Changes And Everything Stays The Same

There are some news stories in Tenerife that keep coming around every few years like Haleys Comet, one of these old chestnuts is the future of Los Tarajales beach. For those not familiar with the name, it’s the scruffy undeveloped stretch heading out towards the Sunday market and Arona Gran Hotel. I was surprised to read that the Los Cristianos neighbours association are pressing Arona council for some definate plans to redevelop the area and the coast back towards the ferry port. Isn’t this the same area that had plans drawn up 3 years ago and later had tons of sand dumped on the uncleared and unlevelled beach? Sure is, and as most people predicted the sand washed away and that was about it till the next lot of promises.

The neighbours probably feel it’s a good time to ask for action as the council elections are held in May, as well as the beach being improved they want the old crumbling house on the beach (below)Â restored as part museum and part restaurant, sounds good to me. The whole stretch was due for demolition at one stage but recently the white Cristian Mar apartment block was given a facelift and new concrete supports installed so they obviously have long term plans.

Back at Los Tarajales beach there is some new graffiti, a few of the modern unused locales have now got bars in, and the manky wild cats are still roaming wild and planning a Broadway musical. Never mind, look out for my next update on the area in about 4 years time.